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Over 40 Years of Experience

Established in 1980, Scanlon Associates is a full-service HVAC, Refrigeration, and Mechanical Contracting provider. We specialize in providing aggressive maintenance, service, and retrofit programs for Industrial and Institutional clients within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia, PA, including DE, MD, and NJ.

Specializing in Genuine Emergency Service -
2 Hours or Less

Scanlon Associates has been performing emergency mechanical service for the steel industry for over 40 years. Our service core is focused on instant response, as Scanlon Associates is aware of the extreme duty that the equipment and personnel are under in the industrial environment.

  • Severe duty HVAC and pressurization systems
  • Critical duty computer and MCC room humidity and environmental control systems
  • Exhaust and intake air systems, air changing sensors, dampers and motors, CFM, and static pressure testing of ductwork
  • Refrigerated warehousing
  • Electrical control rooms, pulpits, computer/data centers, crucial dehumidification, and temperature control operations
HVAC repair in process
We specialize in Genuine Emergency Service.
Heavy manufactoring repair in process
Preventative Maintenance is a necessity for consistent operation.

Vital Industry and Institution Functions

The harsh environment of the steel and papermaking industries as well as power plants and other heavy manufacturing companies are probably one of the harshest working environments for both humans and equipment. The mixture of extreme heat/cold, airborne debris, vibration, and noise takes wear and tear on both. This is why immediate response is necessary.

Preventative Maintenance is a necessity for consistent operation. All mechanical equipment will fail eventually, but keeping repair cost down can only be done with a Scheduled Maintenance Program. Scanlon Associates can customize a service package suited for your working environment, possibly utilizing your in-house maintenance team to assist.

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